The Festival of Nine Nights is celebrated majestically in the State of Gujarat. 

This is a festival that every person, from young to elderly, wait for enthusiastically every year. 

The best of the Nine Nights is witnessed undoubtedly in Gujarat, where there is mythological folklore that makes it even more aesthetic and divine.

The significance of these colourful and enchanting nights, hold great importance in the Hindu religion, where these nine nights are dedicated to the Nine forms of Goddess Durga and hence the name “Navratri”.

To know the true essence of this festival, we need to know in brief the mythological story behind why and how the festival came to exist in the first place.


Navratri is celebrated for 9 nights and 10 days. And these nine nights are dedicated to the goddess Durga, the “Devi Shakti”, and the last day, that is, the 10th day is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra.

The legendary belief or the story behind the celebration surround the death of Mahishasura, a demon who was granted a boon from the God of Fire – Agni, that he would never be killed by any weapons with masculine names. And this led the demon to spread fear and destruction upon people. Troubled by this, the gods requested Lord Shiva to kill this demon. The prayers of the Gods led to the creation of Adi Shakti, a Goddess Conceived from Shiva’s heart, who fought the evil demon for nine days and killed him on the 10th day with all her strength and valour.

This denoted the triumph of the Good over the Evil and hence all the nine forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped during these nine nights.

The nine nights are divided into 3 sections, where the first 3 nights are dedicated to Goddess Durga, next 3 nights -The Goddess Lakshmi who denotes spirituality and prosperity and the last three, to goddess Saraswati, denoting wisdom and art.


In Gujarat, the huge part of this sacred-religious and traditional dedication to the Goddesses is depicted through the Art of Navratri.

The Navratri is a form of Dance performed by people, around the Centrally lit lamp that is lighted on each night for the deity of the Goddess, on common ground or plot.

The Navratri is performed by Great valour and vigour with full belief and passion for the culture, on the energy-filled traditional Navratri Music.

The dance can be performed in two ways, one in which Dandiyas (small wooden sticks) are used inspired by Lord Krishna and the Gopi’s who used to play Raas. And the second way is to perform synchronized Navratri moves with a large crowd on the same plot, without dandiyas.

The Dance is not merely done to portray a sense of belief of traditional values or culture, but to feel the unity amongst the community and to bond with each other along with the tunes of the music. It is a sense of pride that is reflected by the Gujaratis to have such a great mythological history backing the existence of the Hindu community.

The Navratri is celebrated in different ways in different states, but the one that is celebrated in Gujarat is something, that if you haven’t experienced once in your lifetime, you absolutely should grab the opportunity this year to enjoy the true form of Navratri 2019.


Navratri is the time of the year, where all the streets and places are lit up with stalls of clothes and accessories. The traditional costume, that is, Chanya Choli (long skirt with blouse and dupatta) for females and Kurta or Kodyu with pyjamas for men. The clothes are a blend and mixture of various colours, embroidery, and style that are extravagant enough to light up the festival. Everyone, from children to grownups, is dressed in the best way possible, in the best outfits, for all the nine nights.

Also, the outfits are adorned with beautiful and heavy jewellery both worn by men and women, that add even more sparkle to the night.

 It is a pleasure for the eye of the viewer to see everyone wearing such beautiful clothes and dance graciously together.

It is altogether a different experience to get out of the dull routine of life and get into the colors that come along with this festival.

FOOD AND NIGHTLIFE of Navratri 2019 at Gujarat

These nine nights are the Liveliest Nights of the year. The whole city sparkles bright with Colorful decorations and Lights.

Festivals, in India, always means Bonding, Fun, and Food. And during these Nine nights, people celebrate life as well as appetite with great traditional cuisines and delicacies.

After a breath-taking round of Navratri, everyone needs to fuel up with delicious food, therefore, all night long, the food stalls and restaurants are open till late, for people to enjoy post-Navratri delicacies.

Specialties of Gujarat like Fafda, Jalebi, Theplas, Dhoklas, Khandvi, Pak, sweets like Dhudi no Halwo, etc are some items you shouldn’t miss on relishing.

Some people Observe a Fast as well, for seven to eight days and avoid eating onions, rice or wheat, or non-vegetarian food.

All in all, the festival lets you bring some color to your mundane life with divinity, music, dance, and fun.

Also, for some Health-Conscious people out there, Navratri is a great cardio exercise and will help you lose some weight as well unless you hog on the delicacies from the stalls afterward.

Navratri 2019 is going to commence from 29th September and last till 8th October.

Also, some extra days like “Ratri before Navratri” and “Ratri after Navratri” are organized, to add some extra days to the fun.

At the end of these Nine days of Music, Dance and amazing fun, people find it extremely difficult to resume back to their old lives.

The last day especially is an emotional day, but still everyone bids farewell to these days with all their heart and emotions, and pray well for the return of this festival next year. Till then the memories and nostalgia of these nights are enough to cherish for the next coming year.

If you really want to enjoy Navratri 2019, come to Gujarat this year, and experience how Gujarat celebrates Navratri and be the part of this beautiful festival of victory over evil.


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